Eudemonia, the co-operative is managed by a dedicated team of specialists which focuses on youth development and employment. We are responsible for the identifying, developing, and promotion of business opportunities for our members.

EUDEMONIA Description as a Noun: Happiness, well-being. A person’s state of excellence characterised by objective flourishing across a life-time, and brought about through the exercise of moral virtue, practical wisdom, and rationality.

Create Member Earning Opportunities

  • Earn money while you learn.
  • By combining study and work, we offer our members the opportunity to apply in practice the theory they have learned.
  • Eudemonia offers members earning opportunities.

Practical Workplace Based Learning Programme

  • Practical workplace experience gives members the edge over piers.
  • Assignments are aligned to the workplace environment.
  • Worksheets are guided by the structure of the workplace.

About Us

Eudemonia is a 100% female managed co-operative, formed to meet the challenges of youth employment in South Africa.

Our focus is to develop the youth in South Africa and to give our members access to business opportunities.

Eudemonia is a Greek word commonly translated as ‘happiness’ or ‘welfare’ and refers to human prosperity and blessedness.

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